FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

Fellsmere Elementary Kindergarten April 24, 2015

Fellsmere Elementary Kindergarten April 24, 2015

In conjunction with the Indian River County Historical Society, the School Board of Fellsmere,
FL invited cabooseMikey to address six kindergarten classes on Friday April 24, 2015.

It was a field trip for the students as they walked across North Cypress Street to the Marian
Fell Library which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week.

Each student received a plastic token outside the door with which they purchased a ticket
validated by antique dater from the station master. They then took seats on our imaginary train
car and conductor cabooseMikey punched each ticket. An interactive discussion of signaling (up
and down means go forward, who knows what red means?) followed; and then the most
important part: a SAFETY lesson. All the children promised cabooseMikey that they would always
stay back a safe distance from the tracks!

Show-and-tell was very popular as the children were allowed to touch the railroad artifacts
including spikes, lock and key, rail section, and a brake handle. All including the teachers were
fascinated that the scent of kerosene was still in the Adlake lantern.

Teachers Aide Connie Ward read a story about 'the little engine who could' to some of the
groups and others sang the song 'the wheels on the train (go round and round)' before leaving.

Happy children filed out of the little library, none happier than cabooseMikey himself.

If it keeps just one child from making a mistake on the railroad tracks ...

Best regards, cabooseMikey.

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