FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC202 Apr 14, 2015

202 by mp236 at 5:07 with 823 & 807. Jim with melodic toots while ECH waving double white from the nose to my sparklers. Going by at a turtle pace towards Gifford to meet 101.  Lots of rock and tubs up front, IM with a double Seaco tanks hidden under a stack. FEC blue containers, some empty wells, no freight and a long string of racks with a P&W just for Noel. Took over 8 minutes to go by our Caboose Junction South. Instead of going by slow and waiting in Gifford, they should have stopped at the Junction and then sped towards Gifford!  BTW, the first rack was a BNSF pumpkin.
Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Apr 14, 2015 vid link:

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