FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC202 Apr 25, 2015

FEC202 by mp236 at 6:32PM with 801 & 821. Tooting from the crew with Mark waving white out
the window to my sparklers. Rock, tubs, rock, tubs, rock and tubs in three segments, IM, 1 lonely
UPS, work cars, freight, racks of 25 & 36 tanks with two box cars on the rear. Heard dispatcher
tell Mark that 101 at mp155 and looking at ATCS meet will be Micco. With two long trains guess
the best spot but 202 having to wait awhile.
Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Apr 25, 2015 vid link:

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