FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC212 Apr 12, 2015

FEC101 Apr 22, 2015

101 by mp236 @ 6:03 with 820 & 819.  Aaron with nice toots and the Great ECH flapping his neon green vest from the tread just like a pairie chicken.  Short train for 101 with all IM, including a Tiger Cool Express, lots of FEC blue containers, Raven's, 3 Ashley's in a row with two others spaced out towards the bottom. Must be planning on one heck of a sale. Forgot to mention that just before 202 reached us, a gorgeous Bald eagle flew by north bound with a fish in tow. Looks like he landed in the closest sanctuary where we hear the crossing bells and can see the block signal. Just another plus for our new digs. Can not get in fast enough!
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Apr 22, 2015 vid link:

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